Bad Habits That Ruin Sports Photography

Even talented sports photographers can pick up bad habits that are hard to shake off. Do you have any of the ones in our list below? If you do, it’s time to starting thinking about breaking out of them.

Forgetting your camera – Invested a lot of money in a professional camera? Great, so where is it? If you leave your camera at home you might as well not own it. You’re not always going to capture a career-defining sports photo every time you take it out, but if you leave it behind you’re guaranteed not to get any material at all.

Running out of storage – One memory card can set you back a hefty sum, let alone thinking about buying more than one, but that’s the only way to make sure you don’t run out of space exactly when you need to take an amazing shot.

Not backing up your work – As an amateur or professional sports photographer, you need to make sure you save your work in at least two places, preferably three. The worst thing you can do is leave your photos on memory cards and never copy them.

Basic composition mistakes – Ever heard of the rule of thirds? If you haven’t, we can assume all your photos have the subject dead centre (or at least they’re supposed to). This ultimately makes for a lot of similar shots without much artistic flair. Frame your subject differently to achieve more varied and interesting images.

Ignoring your settings – You might be happy with some of the shots you can on automatic mode, especially with a more advanced camera, but you’re then restricted to taking shots the way the camera works best. Instead, you should be able to manipulate the camera to suit your situation rather than the other way round.

Rely on editing later – Sure, there are a lot of sports photography mistakes that are minor enough to be edited later using software, but you’re probably going to be sacrificing quality in order to achieve this. It’s easier and more effective to get the right shot when you take the picture, once you learn enough about photography to do this.

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