How to take better photos at sports events

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Sports photography is filled with many movements and actions. It’s important to know the tricks on how to capture a moving subject using your camera. Sports are unpredictable which means capturing the image can be challenging. For instance, movements in sports games can cause blurry and unfocused photos. That’s why it’s essential to know the tips on how to take the perfect shot during live actions.


It’s important to find the perfect spot to capture your images. Your location can make a massive difference in your image regarding angles and the view. Pick an area where you can get the best angle and allows you to capture the actions before they start.

Adjust the ISO settings

Your camera settings need to be adjusted before the game starts. Adjust your ISO depending on whether the location is indoor or outdoor. For indoor games, the ISO needs to be increased and vice versa for outdoor sports. Bear in mind that increasing your ISO can make your photos grainy. Make sure the ISO aren’t too high.

Take lots of pictures

One of the tricks to sports photography is taking as many photos as you can. Professional sports photographer will tend to have their camera settings set to rapid shooting mode. Using this setting will allow you to capture every shot when capturing the best moments of the event.


You can up your skills simply by practising your craft. One of the most popular shots in sports photography is capturing the subject in detail while the background is all blurred out. This technique will take a lot of practice to perfect. The tip here is to adjust your shutter speed.

Avoid flash

Flashing cameras are not allowed in sports events as it can distract the players from the game. Flash is not ideal for taking continuous shots it can causes lags between the shots.

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