Ideas For Sport Photos

Have you ever wondered how the best sports photographs are produced?

It is not always how fantastic and expensive your camera is, a lot of the time it is just about being in the right place at the right time. Although there are advantages to having a more technology savvy camera, a budget camera if used at the right moment with right level of lighting and composition settings can get a perfect image.

Planning ahead is another feature to achieving great sports photographs, making sure you know when a sporting event will take place early can get you into an ideal position to take snaps. And if you can plan ahead and get that ideal position rather than having to jostle with crowds that can be a big factor between a great photograph and obscured visuals and blurry shots.


There are many great tips and tricks that can be used to bring out fantastic quality in you photographic work. Here are just some of them:

• Planning your location – If you are to visit a venue, or for example be at the side of the road when athletes run past then location is important. In a venue you might wish to try and get as close to the action as possible. You don’t get without asking, so try asking the venue if you can have things such as a trackside pass, it is always worth the extra effort and you might learn how to get a pass the next time round.

• Your camera settings – making sure you take a few shots prior to a sporting event can help you gauge the lighting and settings required to take high quality images.

• Shutter speeds and multi-shots – making sure you have the correct shutter speeds are vital for fast action photography. If your camera has the ability to take several shots at once then use the feature as there are shots you can miss if you only take one at a time.

• Make sure you have enough space to store photographs in your camera memory, or take plenty of film. There is nothing worse than running out before the event has finished.

• Tripods – If you wish to take a shot that is very stable, then a tripod can be an advantage.

• Zoom – Although some cameras do not have great zoom capabilities many do so try out a few zoomed shots prior to an event, use props such as trees in the distance or a distant moving object.

Overall with a bit of practice you will start to understand your camera’s capabilities and in time you will be able to take some great snaps. Remember that even the best photographers can get some terrible snaps, so don’t be put off if at first you and your camera do not succeed just keep trying.

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