Tips For Aspiring Sports Photographer

sports photographer

Being a sports photographer can come with many opportunities, one being your passion turned as a career. Other opportunities involve your work being published and recognised in magazines or websites.However, there are many things you need to learn to become a great professional sports photographer. Just like with other similar passions or careers, to be successful means to be on top of your game whether it’s learning more or looking for more experiences in your field.

To help you with your journey, we’ve found some helpful tips from a professional photographer named Jordan Weeks whose had plenty of experience in sports photography including cycling, surfing swimming and much more.

Learn your camera

Sports photography involves a lot of action and movement. Therefore, it can be difficult to shoot your subject when they are in action. However learning the settings of your camera can be helpful and make it easy for you to capture your subjects. When your settings are correct, you’ll be able to take a shot quickly and easily as well. Keeping in mind that being fast is an advantage as you want to keep up with your subjects so that you won’t be missing anything!

Find inspiration

Find something that sparks your creativity whether it’s looking up to someone you aspire to be or simply finding inspiration through other people’s work. As much as inspiration is important, make sure that you still applying your personal touch in all your work instead of copying someone else.

Shoot closer

Close-up photos can give you a dramatic result. You can try to experiment with taking a close up shot of different parts of the body especially on your subject’s head as this is where you will capture facial expression or feelings from a person.

Learn the sport

Knowing how the sports work and how the game transitions, you will always be one step ahead as this will give you a chance on moving to an area where you will get more actions from the scene. Jordan also recommends trying the sports to find where the most actions are.

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